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Property Investment Advice

Whether you are an experienced property investor or someone looking to buy their first property, Watersedge Accounting Group can help guide you on what to look out for when making the decision to purchase an investment property.

We are also an important source of independent advice when it comes to property, assisting you to make key property investment decisions based on sound advice which takes into consideration your current and future net income as well as your current net assets.

Many people consult their accountant far too late in the decision making process when it comes to investment property advice. This is not just in regard to the purchase of a property. It includes arranging finance, engaging a quantity surveyor, CGT strategies, even repairs.

Before plunging headfirst into a new property investment give us a call on (02) 4959 8447 so we can make sure you’re approaching everything properly.

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Why Hire Us

To help you maximise your financial future.
Watersedge Accounting Group is focused on constantly evolving, providing our clients with results, professionalism, experience and a friendly approach when servicing their accounting and taxation requirements. We enjoy hearing from our clients that they have a new found ability to be able to “finally” connect and truly understand their finances.
To obtain the best possible result for our clients.
We strive to stay as up to date with taxation updates as we can and always seek to maximise the benefits of those updates in relation to our clients financial future.


We have a network of real estate agents, buyer agents and property valuers that we can call upon to assist you – making the whole process so much easier!


Which name to buy the property in? How do I minimise tax? What deductions can I claim? How much capital gain tax will I pay? We have the answers.


Our aim is to help our clients through the property investing maze, educating them at each step so they can make an informed decision based on the facts.

A Local Accounting Firm Trying to Help Out

“My involvement stems from my desire to provide support to small business in our community … somewhere to go to when they need help or just starting out in business and don’t know where to turn.” – Michael Wigley, Accountant

Our Corporate Clients